Accepted papers

Martin Lück
Arne Meier
LTL Fragments are Hard for Standard Parameterisations
Luke Hunsberger
Roberto Posenato
Carlo Combi
A Sound-and-Complete Propagation-based Algorithm for Checking the Dynamic Consistency of a Conditional Simple Temporal Network
Andreas Krebs
Arne Meier
Martin Mundhenk
The model checking fingerprints of CTL operators
Andreas Krebs
Arne Meier
Jonni Virtema
A Team Based Variant of CTL
Grgur Petric Maretic
Mohammad Torabi Dashti
David Basin
Semantic Vacuity
Marta Cialdea Mayer
Andrea Orlandini
An executable semantics of flexible plans in terms of timed game automata
Daniel Hausmann
Lutz Schröder
Global Caching for the Alternation-Free Coalgebraic mu-Calculus
Vadim Malvone
Fabio Mogavero
Aniello Murano
Loredana Sorrentino
On the Counting of Strategies
Carlo Combi
Romeo Rizzi
Pietro Sala
The Price of Evolution in Temporal Databases
Alberto Molinari
Angelo Montanari
Adriano Peron
Complexity of ITL model checking: some well-behaved fragments of the interval logic HS
Carlo Comin
Romeo Rizzi
Dynamic Consistency of Conditional Simple Temporal Networks via Mean Payoff Games: a Singly-Exponential Time DC-Checking
Salih Durhan
Guido Sciavicco
Generalizing Allen's Theory of Time to Tree-Like Structures
Curtis Dyreson
Venkata Rani
Amani Shatnawi
Unifying Sequenced and Nonsequenced Semantics
Angelo Montanari
Emilio Muñoz-Velasco
Guido Sciavicco
Undecidability of Chop
Alberto Gatto Decidability via mosaics for bundled Ockhamist logic
Krishna S.
Lakshmi Manasa
Ashutosh Trivedi
Reachability Games on Recursive Hybrid Automata
Andre Gensler
Thiemo Gruber
Bernhard Sick
Fast Feature Extraction For Time Series Analysis Using Least-Squares Approximations with Orthogonal Basis Functions